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unfortunatlly you can't keep them all



for sale


Doe Kids Available 


This Skittle X Red Ferrari doe kid is looking good! She has a line up of great genetics on both sides! Pictured is her dam's udder! 

This doe kid is $500

This doe kid is a Cherry Hill X Nadal Blade cross! Cherry Hill is a first freshener who is showing a lot of promise! She is only a week fresh in this picture, we can't wait to see how she changes the longer she is in milk!

She is $500 

Buck Kids Available


Blissberry Maybe itwas Memphis (PN1786456) X Redwood Hills Rock Candy (PN2176648)

He is $500

The half sister to this buck kid was the 2019 Reserve National Champion Jr Doe! Memphis is one of our favorites! She is still going strong. Unfortunately her udder didn't even out after a mastitis. You can click HERE to see her when she was younger!


Blissberry RH Belle (N1929882)

X Redwood Hills Rock Candy (N2176648)

He is $500


Prairie Thyme CQ Nightshade (AA2120183) X Redwood Hills Nadal Blade

He is $500

Morning View Farm Sweet Moves (AA2296401) X Redwood Hills Beau Red Ferrari

His dam is a FF doe that got right to work! Her udder has great attachment, and is very productive!

He is $500